The failure of systems used to store frozen eggs and embryos at two fertility clinics has rattled people who count on such clinics to help them realize their hopes of having children. But the breakdowns at clinics in Cleveland and San Francisco, each apparently involving the temperature or level of liquid nitrogen in one storage tank, have damaged at least some eggs and embryos belonging to potentially hundreds of people

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Our Travis Rieder argues that, yes, America probably needs a culture change regarding pain medicine, but we have to be careful how we frame that challenge.

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Ethical Robotics

November 2, 2018

Beginning to Program Asimov’s First Law. Roboticists at the Applied Physics Laboratory teamed up with ethicists from the Berman Institute to start the work of creating robots that can behave with an ethical code.

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Our Peter Young traveled to Cuba. He reflects on the resilience he witnessed on his trip and parallels with the US healthcare system

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Based on a conversation with Rachel Fabi, PhD, a Practical Ethics a co-investigator on the project: Determining the Number of Refugees to be Resettled in the United States: An Ethical and Human Rights Analysis.

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February 5, 2018

What Declassified Guidelines Tell Us About Medical Complicity. Our Zackary Berger joins the BMJ talk medicine podcast to discuss this and his new paper with coauthors Matthew DeCamp and Leonard Rubenstein

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8 Billion Angels Documentary

January 12, 2018

Our Travis Rieder and Executive Producer Terry Spahr join host Dan Loney to discuss the documentary “8 Billion Angels” about the consumption rate of the earth’s previous and limited resources

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Online Spaces

October 15, 2018

Investigators of Conducting Research in Commercially-Owned Online Space, aim to clarify the best way to do public health research on content that is created by and owned by private, and sometimes powerful, entities.

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