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November 14, 2017

Exploring Moral Resilience Toward a Culture of Ethical Practice


Via the American Nurses Association:


The American Nurses Association Professional Issues Panel on Moral Resilience has finalized the Call to Action: Exploring Moral Resilience Toward a Culture of Ethical Practice.  Moral resilience is an emerging concept proposed as a beginning to alleviate the complex and convoluted psychological symptoms associated with challenging work environments.   The call to focus on the cultivation of moral resilience signifies an invitation for individuals, groups, and organizations to work together to transform individual and team distress and the organizational culture to create the conditions in which moral and ethical practice can thrive.


This call to action identifies four promising areas for building individual capacities for moral resilience: ethical competence, ethics in education, self-regulation and mindfulness, and self-care.  In addition, the call to action includes specific recommendations for nurse leaders and organizational responsibilities toward fostering a culture of ethical practice.  Organizations that have already implemented efforts toward a culture of ethical practice will benefit from guidance on assessment and research initiatives.  Research on moral resilience will require a thoughtful and systematic approach.  Further development of research on moral resilience and interventions is necessary and important to identify the potential overlap between resilience and moral resilience.  Determining the impact of moral resilience interventions may benefit both the individual nurse and the health care organization as the profession aims to improve mental wellness and safety.  Lastly, the call to action includes a robust list of promising solutions across the country implemented to build individual and organizational capacities for addressing the detrimental impact of moral distress and other forms of moral suffering.


ANA is grateful for the tremendous work of the Professional Issues Panel on Moral Resilience for the commitment and dedication exhibited to establish goals to strengthen moral resilience and a culture of ethical practice.


The Moral Resilience Professional Issues Panel Steering Committee was co-chaired by our Cynda Hylton Rushton, with additional contributions from our Heidi Holtz.


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