September 26, 2017
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By Judah Adashi,

Last Friday, I went to the gym for a free personal training session. This was a first for me: I’ve never belonged to a gym before, much less worked out with somebody one-on-one. As we got underway, I asked my trainer, Sam, a few question about his life. He works at the gym five days a week, and tends bar on Friday and Saturday nights. Sundays are his chance to stay home, relax, and watch football.

Not long ago, I would have perceived this as an an opening. I’m not especially at home in a gym. But I can talk football, especially the NFL, and especially Baltimore Ravens football. This season, though, that would have meant telling Sam that I don’t watch anymore, and telling him why. That didn’t seem necessary with someone I had just met at the gym, so I left it alone.

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