Bioethics Conference

August 19, 2016

Bioethics Conference at Aarhus University featuring Ruth Faden and Tom L. Beauchamp.


Date Mon 24 Oct Tue 25 Oct
Time TBD
Location  TBD


The Center for Bioethics and Nanoethics is proud to announce this conference featuring two prominent scholars of bioethics:

  • Professor Ruth Faden, Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins University
  • Professor Tom L. Beauchamp, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University.


Ruth Faden will lecture on “Ethical Issues in the Zika Virus Vaccine Trials and Pregnancy”


Tom L. Beauchamp will close the conference by giving the first K.E. Loegstrup Lecture: “A Defense of Universal Principles and Common Morality”.


Researchers from Aarhus University will open interdisciplinary discussions on informed consent in biomedical trials and on the four principles of biomedical ethics in Beauchamp and Childress’ seminal book.


Follow link for further details.

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