Breathalyzers and Brain Caps

January 10, 2018
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They know it’s a long shot. “Whether or not it will be useful, practically, is anyone’s guess,” said Jodi Gilman, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and Mass. General’s Center for Addiction Medicine, who is one of the researchers running the study.

Even other approaches that are closer to market aren’t ready for the roadside yet.

“Marijuana is a tough one, we admit that,” said Charles Hayes, who helps run the Drug Evaluation and Classification program for the International Association of Chiefs of Police. “There is no test out there at this time that can give us some sort of numerical reading … that would tell us that person is impaired.”

Drug-testing experts tend to break the country down into two categories: blood states and urine states. Get pulled over looking like you’re driving under the influence of drugs, and that’s the bodily fluid that will be sampled and sent to the lab.

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