Members of the steering committee of the Hinxton Group have authored a commentary published online in Nature.


In “CRISPR: A path through the thicket“, Debra Mathews, Alan Regenberg, and colleagues lay out some key points for consideration as deliberations about gene-editing in humans continue.

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Experts debate: Are we playing with fire when we edit human genes? Editors at STAT asked a group of experts, including our Debra Mathews, for their take. Here’s what they said.


Francis S. Collins: Future generations can’t give consent
Gang Bao: Beware off-target effects
Debra Mathews: Germline editing will be done somewhere around the world
George Church: We need a moratorium now to evaluate benefits, risks
Josephine Johnston: Embrace uncertainty
Steven Pinker: A droplet in the maelstrom of churning genomes
Eleonore Pauwels: Don’t let the story get ahead of the facts


Hinxton Group Consensus Statement on Genome Editing Technologies and Human Germline Genetic Modification, Manchester, UK, September 3-4, 2015





Thumbnail Image: “In vitro fertilization” by Dovidena – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons

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Alan Regenberg
Debra Mathews

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