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December 26, 2014

With thanks to our readers for another great year at the Berman Institute Bioethics Bulletin, here are our top 14 posts from the past year:


hatForce-Feeding Detainees On Hunger Strike, Leonard Rubenstein, Cynda Rushton, & Leah Ramsay

A Navy nurse has refused to participate in force-feeding at Guantanamo Bay Prison, adding fuel to debate over the procedure and nursing ethics in general. Two Berman Institute faculty members discuss



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1411573237_magicfields_thumbnail_img_1_1Fear, Trust, and Attacks on Ebola Workers, Susannah Sirkin & Leonard S. Rubenstein

As health workers fan out across the Ebola-stricken areas of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, they are facing a battle on two fronts: fighting Ebola and addressing the fears, rumors, and myths



Is It Right to Have a Baby When You Could Adopt Instead?th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1419283507_magicfields_thumbnail_img_1_1, Travis Rieder

A Q&A with Hecht-Levi Fellow Travis Rieder, who explores the morality of human procreation




th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1415393906_magicfields_thumbnail_img_1_1Don’t (Always) Believe the Stem Cell Hype, Alan Regenberg

Ample caution is warranted in crafting headlines describing stem cell-based discoveries




th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1412082532_magicfields_thumbnail_img_1_1Physician Payment Sunshine Act, Stephanie Morain

Our Stephanie Morain cautions that new transparency rules and open payments database may reveal relationships that are prone to misinterpretation



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1411139322_magicfields_thumbnail_img_1_1Sierra Leone On “Lockdown”, Ruth Faden & Leah Ramsay

As the nation implements a complete shutdown in effort to stop the spread of Ebola, Ruth Faden reflects on disaster planning for the most vulnerable



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1402321137medicinethbMedicine, Zachary Berger

Not an art, not a science, but something else. Our Zack Berger, MD, PhD reflects on the practice of medicine




Seeking Respect and Trust in Sickle Cell Diseaseth_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1400855481sicklecell2, Carlton Haywood Jr

Growing up with sickle cell disease, Carlton Haywood Jr, PhD, MA, learned early on just how important respect and trust are for patient-provider relationships. Now, through his studies, we are all learning more


th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1401289408nursingethicsWhat Keeps Nurses Up At Night?, Cynda Hylton Rushton

We are launching a national dialogue with nurses to understand the contours of the ethical challenges that face the profession. Join the conversation and share your insights and experiences



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1401986498HIVBabyPreventing HIV in Infants, Holly A. Taylor

Our Holly Taylor comments on a new paper she coauthored, prevention, access and our general failure to commit ourselves to the demands of social justice


th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1396537084astroboyTo Boldly Go?, Jeffrey Kahn & Leah Ramsay

Expert IOM committee, chaired by our Jeffrey Kahn, issues ethics guidelines for health standards on NASA’s next generation of risky missions



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1395942792whatacoWhat is an ACO?, Matthew DeCamp

With the tens of millions of patients now covered by Accountable Care Organizations, our Matthew DeCamp, MD, PhD discusses his research on their ethical challenges and the importance of engaging with patients



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1393535150indiamcdThe Other Epidemic, Joanna Mackenzie

Diabetes in the developing world. Typically thought of as a disease of affluence, diabetes disproportionately affects South Asians, both poor and rich



th_b6095cdaf2ff184c0bc987a467ef300d_1391440539pedoncthbAverting a Crisis, Yoram Unguru

Experts issue ‘blueprint for action’ to combat shortages of life-saving drugs. Our Yoram Unguru provides background about drug shortages and how they have had a particularly worrisome impact on pediatric oncology



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