Ettore Capri, PhD, is a full Professor in Agricultural Chemistry at the Catholic University (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) in Piacenza, Italy. Director of the research center on sustainable development OPERA he is an expert member to the European Food and Safety Authority. He participated in the Feeding the World, Ethically working group meeting in Ranco, Italy in October 2014. Here is a brief interview as part of the Perspectives on Global Food Ethics blog series.




Can you briefly describe your related background and interest in food security?


My scientific background is in environmental chemistry.  My main interest in food security is food safety and how it influences the quality of life and health for humans and organisms. From chemical hazards to exposure, I am working on how to integrate human risk and environmental risk in order to develop sustainable protection goals for ecosystems as well as food standards at the global level.


In your opinion, what are the most pressing ethical issues in your domain related to global food security?


Establishing sustainable food production for food security at the local and global level is a pressing issue.


Can you share one issue or anecdote from the Feeding the World, Ethically meeting in Ranco that may have changed your perception on one ethical problem within food and nutrition security?


The moral map documents developed for the meeting allowed for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary interactions with experts.   This demonstrated how good philosophy and peer dialogue between experts is a prerequisite for correct scientific assessment of food security issues.


What is your hope for making progress on this ethical problem?


We need to proceed in working together focusing on specific projects and integrating aspects of economy, sociology, science and philosophy. Some ideas are to work at the field level in realistic areas and explore successful stories and to develop archives of experiences and divulge ethical concepts in transparent and user friendly ways in order to reach many possible stakeholders.



Global Food Ethics Project: Feeding the World Fairly

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Ettore Capri
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