Playing God

August 22, 2016


Via Radiolab: “When people are dying and you can only save some, how do you choose? Maybe you save the youngest. Or the sickest. Maybe you even just put all the names in a hat and pick at random. Would your answer change if a sick person was standing right in front of you?”


In this episode of Radiolab, they follow New York Times reporter Sheri Fink as she searches for the answer. “In a warzone, a hurricane, a church basement, and an earthquake, the question remains the same. What happens, what should happen, when humans are forced to play god?”


Produced by Simon Adler and Annie McEwen. Reported by Sheri Fink. 


You can find more about our collaborative public engagement effort in Maryland at:


In the book that inspired this episode you can find more about what transpired at Memorial Hospital during Hurricane Katrina, Sheri Fink’s exhaustively reported Five Days at Memorial

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