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The Alberta government has for years allowed the foundation of wealthy Calgary oilman Allan Markin to offer a private, unproven alternative health program, which some experts say is effectively a research “experiment” that has potentially risked the health of tens of thousands of people, including the homeless, addicted and seniors.

A CBC News investigation has found Alberta Health determined the program offered by the Calgary-based Pure North S’Energy Foundation:

  • Was not adequately supported by science.
  • Couldn’t prove the health and economic outcomes it claimed.
  • Distributed high doses of vitamin D and other nutrients in a way that could pose a health risk.

Yet despite this, and against the advice of senior ministry officials, the government of Premier Alison Redford gave Pure North a $10-million grant in December 2013 to further expand an existing program, which was ultimately offered to more than 7,300 Alberta seniors — without any ethical oversight.

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