Physician Payment Sunshine Act

September 30, 2014

Our Stephanie Morain cautions that new transparency rules and open payments database may reveal relationships that are prone to misinterpretation

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Our Holly Taylor comments on a new paper she coauthored, prevention, access and our general failure to commit ourselves to the demands of social justice

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Sharing Fairly

March 12, 2014

Our Matt DeCamp blogs about a new paper in which he and colleagues open a conversation about fairly sharing any savings from accountable care organizations

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JAMA published an article by Jon Tilburt et al. entitled “Views of US Physicians About Controlling Health Care Costs.” We sat down with our Matthew DeCamp, MD, PhD to get his thoughts

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Visiting the Folks

July 19, 2013

A new Chinese law is aimed at compelling adult children to visit their aging parents. How far should states go in legislating virtues?

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Smokers Need Not Apply

February 27, 2013

Should we allow employers to discriminate on the basis of tobacco use?

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Crowdfunding Medical Bills

January 23, 2013

Should those facing massive medical debts be encouraged to polish and present their saddest stories in a sort of online version of ‘Queen For a Day’?

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