Love on the Hospital Walls

December 17, 2015

Michael Sekeres, MD, “I have made it a habit to scan the walls of my patients’ rooms, to gain some insight into their lives outside of the surreal experience of their lengthy hospital stay.”

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Putting Care Back in the ICU

December 15, 2015

Does a more humane hospital make a safer hospital? That’s a question Johns Hopkins is grappling with — and Dr. Peter Pronovost believes the answer is yes. Berman Institute faculty and staff are among the Project Emerge collaborators seeking to improve the intensive care experience

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(Video) Prof. Tom Beauchamp, PhD, of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, discusses the legislative history and ethics of the right to die and physician assistance in the United States

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When someone makes a nasty quip, cuts us off in traffic, ignores our suggestions or takes credit for our work, we get mad, sad and even angry. Rudeness, even just little, can really hurt

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The Death Treatment

June 17, 2015

When should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?

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Respect in the ICU

June 8, 2015

Beginning in 2012, Gail Geller, a professor in the School of Medicine with a history of addressing ethical questions, and several ethicists at the Berman Institute of Bioethics began examining issues of respect and dignity in ICUs. Their research was part of Project Emerge, an ongoing study by the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine

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California Dying

June 2, 2015

Gerald Dworkin: I am finishing the six months a year that I live in California. While here I have been working on the campaign, led by an organization called Compassion and Choices, to get a bill passed by the California legislature–SB128. This is a bill to allow medically-assisted dying in the state of California

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When Sandy Bem found out she had Alzheimer’s, she resolved that before the disease stole her mind, she would kill herself. The question was, when?

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