We tend to trust our computers a lot. Perhaps too much, as one hospital nurse learned the hard way

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In April, the government will begin boiling down the patient feedback into a five-star rating for hospitals. Federal officials say they hope that will make it easier for consumers to digest the information now available on Medicare’s Hospital Compare website. Hospitals say judging them on a one-to-five scale is too simplistic

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When you face a choice about hotels, restaurants or cars, the chances are you head to the Web for help. Online ratings have become essential tools for modern consumers. Health care is no exception to the ratings game, especially when it comes to hospitals

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Hospitals Face Closures

February 23, 2015

As a ‘new day in healthcare’ dawns. As hospitals increasingly lose patients to medical care delivered in clinics and home settings, hospital operators are escalating their efforts to shrink capacity

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Grateful Patients

May 31, 2013

Huguette Clark’s story raises important questions about grateful patient philanthropy in the context of ongoing clinical care. How should health care professionals conduct themselves in these situations?

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