At a hospital in Kenya, Dr. David Barash remembers watching an obstetrician perform a cesarean section while at the same time instructing a nurse on how to deliver anesthesia. Then at another hospital in Nigeria, Barash saw women left unattended, lying on beds in the hallway, to recover on their own after C-sections.

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New #NursingEthics: At what level of risk are nurses no longer ethically obligated to provide nursing care? What do we owe to those who provide nursing care despite risks?

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A Symposium to Organize An Ethical Framework for Obesity Prevention Comes to the Berman Institute November 28-29

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Parsimonious Care

January 13, 2012

The American College of Physicians has updated its ethics manual to include a call for parsimonious care — the practice of effective and efficient health care, using resources responsibly

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