In the fall of 1943, German soldiers in Italy began rounding up Italian Jews and deporting them—10,000 people were sent to concentration camps during the nearly two-year Nazi occupation. Most never returned. But in Rome, a group of doctors saved at least 20 Jews from a similar fate, by diagnosing them with Syndrome K, a deadly, disfiguring, and contagiosissima disease

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Atomic Vets (Video)

May 31, 2016

The story of the veterans who witnessed secret atomic testing and their decades-long struggle for recognition, featuring comments from our Ruth Faden, Chair of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments

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Miriam and I had no control over the Auschwitz experiments: what they put into us, what they removed, or how they treated us. The camp was the laboratory for any experiments the Nazi scientists wanted to do. It was open season on twins and other human guinea pigs like us

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